Resin mixer dispersion machine

Resin mixer technical data
Components Paramters notes
Size 1600*400*2000
Net weight 400
Rising&falling distance 0-750
Key shaft speed 0-1200r/min
Projecting dis   outer diamaters 220
Max volume 300/600 2 resin mixers
Speed reducer 1.1kw The speed reducer can be replaced by electric inverter
Speed reducer model Cycloidal pin wheelBLDO-11-1.1kw
Key motor power 4.0kw/7.5kw
adjustable speed motor 125-1250r/min
Torque 25.2N.m/47.7N.m
Electromagnetic adjustable speed controller
Knob type

Machine functions:
1.Hydraulic rising&falling,very stable
2.Key shaft's adopts high quality stainless steel, abrasion& corrosion resistant 
3.Key shaft's operation is stable, without noise,and can easily lift in operation
4.Speed can be adjusted the viscosity of the mixture, to prevent the slurry's splash
5.Electromagnetic adjustable speed controller is arranged reasonably, manipulation is simple and easy to learn

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