P20 SMC moulds

The SMC mould is made of P20 mould steel.        

The steel has uniform hardness. It has fine polishing and photoetching&engraving properties.After vacuum degassing and refine processing, its steel becomes very pure, so its fit for making SMC moulds which need to be polished and and etched.













Cooperation procedure of frp SMC mould:
1.The customer provides drawing or  picture of the product, and explain its use
2.We provide the customer with our common specifications for this kind of moulds
3.The customer picks the specification they want.
4.We suggest the raw material for the cutomer's required moulds and the corresponding processing technology.
5.We agree on the price of the frp moulds with the customer and tell the delivery time.The customer should prepay 30% by TT.
6.After the mould is released, we will produce a sample and send to the customer, if you are not satisfied, we will modify until it meet your demands.
7.The cusomter pays the balance, and the mould is sent out by ocean or air.

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